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You can use any of the following articles as the basis of your presentation. (Or propose your own presentation topic! Just talk with me to go over your idea before finalizing your plans.) Each article has additional reference information and a brief description at the end of the textbook chapter listed.

  • M. Ascher. Chapter 3 of Ethnomathematics. (Ch 2)
  • A. Bialostocki. "An Application of Elementary Group Theory To Central Solitaire." (Ch 2)
  • J.E. White. "Introduction to Group Theory for Chemists." (Ch 2)
  • J. Gallian and M. Reid. "Abelian Forcing Sets." (Ch 3)
  • D. L. Massari. "The Probability of Regenerating a Cyclic Group." (Ch 4)
  • D. Ensely. "Invariants Under Actions to Amaze Your Friends." (Ch 5)
  • D. Fomin. "Getting it Together with 'Polynominoes." (Ch 5)
  • D. Hofstadter. "The Magic Cube's Cubies are Twiddled by Cubists and Solved by Cubemeisters." (Ch 5)

You can find guidelines for presentations on the Handouts page.

Presentation Schedule

Date Presenter(s) Topic
Oct 1 Danielle, Eve Ethnomathematics
Oct 8 Hannah, Frank "Getting it Together with 'Polynominoes."
Oct 15 Katie "Abelian Forcing Sets."
Oct 29 Mike, Anthony "An Application of Elementary Group Theory To Central Solitaire."
Nov 5 Sam TBA
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